My focus is on helping clients increase their self-confidence, personal growth and independence so they can experience success and balance, and do it on their own terms.

I firmly believe that every client is creative, resourceful and whole.  They aren't broken, and don't need fixing.  They simply need someone who can see the full picture and help them break through the barriers to personal and professional success. That's what I do.  So what about you?

How do you know if you're ready for coaching?

  • What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked and you’re having a tough time getting perspective on what you want.
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for what is happening in your life and what will happen in the future.  
  • You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, and do whatever it takes to achieve the life you've always dreamed about.
  • You are ready to work with a professional who has the skills and tools you need to move forward in your life with confidence.
  • You realize you need someone who will listen, question, challenge, and support you unconditionally. Someone who has no other interest than in helping you be your absolute best and authentic self.
  • You are ready to be held accountable for the actions you take to move you forward.

A word of caution.  If you:

  • Are not ready to take ownership of your current situation.
  • Cannot commit fully to doing the necessary work to achieve your goals.
  • Are not ready to invest in yourself with both your time and money.

Then you may not be ready for coaching. 

I am a trained and certified professional coach, and emotional intelligence consultant.  My background, skills and experience uniquely qualify me to help a wide variety of clients and situations.  I take what I do seriously, but I like to have fun.  I put 100% of myself into each coaching relationship, and I expect the client to do the same - otherwise, what's the point?

I have a BA in Psychology, an MS in Educational Leadership, received my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) training and certification from CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, received training and certification in the EQ-i 2.0 assessment of emotional intelligence from Multi-Health Systems as well as additional EQ-i 2.0 training from the College of Executive Coaching, and training and certification in Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems from EITRI, the Emotional Intelligence Research and Training Institute. 

I hold the designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation.

My professional experience includes twelve years as a high school history teacher and athletic coach.  I also taught college classes in Education.  Following my teaching career, I was in management with national tutoring companies in positions ranging from center director to regional director.

In addition to my professional life, I am a volunteer teacher-trainer with the Population Connection, a mentor with the Aspire Foundation for Women and have volunteered with the San Francisco Education Fund.

Pathfinder Growth Potentials provides the following services:

  • Professional coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments
  • Online, self-study courses
  • Webinars
  • Professional Development
  • Podcasts

Most, if not all of our coaching is done via phone or Skype, and our courses and programs are delivered online, either live or recorded.  Pathfinder also holds webinars to introduce new topics and programs.

By signing up for our newsletter on the home page, you will receive the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and topics of interest.  Additionally, as a Pathfinder client and/or subscriber, you will receive weekly Success Tips every Monday.  The Success Tips are like a quick coaching session.

Here is my contact information:

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  415-902-4977