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ADAPT:  For College Success

ADAPT:  For College Success is the signature emotional intelligence development program for high school junior and seniors and college freshmen.

The intention of the ADAPT:  For College Success program is to help 17-24 year olds develop the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their emotions, and understand and deal with the emotions of others, so they can overcome the typical issues they will encounter as they move from a dependent environment at home to an independent one in college and into their first career.

ADAPT is an acronym for the phases of the program.  They are:

A - The client takes an Assessment that is specifically designed for their age group and experiences.

D - Once they complete the assessment, we Debrief the results, with a focus on the specific areas that may be creating barriers for theclient.

A - During the debrief session, we create an Action Plan to focus on the areas that are of greatest concern to the client, based on their goals. 

P - The client works through an online, self-study Program that has been specifically created to address the strengths and weaknesses of each area assessed. 

T - During the 90-day program, the coach and client Talk about the client's progress through the program.  These coaching sessions are held twice per month for 50 minutes per session.






ADAPT: For College Success

 - Assessment of your emotional intelligence skills with a customized report and 90 minute coaching and planning session.

- Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions for three months (total of 6 sessions).

- Access to a self-paced, online program to enhance your coaching.

$997.00 USD