Life Coaching

Whether one-on-one or in a group, Pathfinder's unique coaching style helps you achieve lasting results fast.

Coaching offers the client an opportunity to learn and grow.  I approach each coaching relationship with the understanding that my client is creative, resourceful and whole.  The client is not broken, and doesn't need fixing.  They are simply stuck in a place they don't want to be and need someone to hold out a hand to help them find their way out - to show them the path to achieving their goal(s), whether personal, professional or both.

When you decide that coaching is the path you want to take, and we decide that we are a good fit, there are several steps we take before heading off on our journey together.

 First, we co-create our coaching relationship.  Everyone is different, and therefore every coaching relationship is different.  Do you need me to be firm and no nonsense with you?  Just say so.  Are you feeling a little sensitive and need a gentle guide?  It can be done.  We spend some good time in the beginning deciding how you need me to be with you, and what will best help you achieve your stated goals for our work together.  And we re-visit that plan throughout the coaching to make sure it is still working for you.  If not, we can re-design and move forward.

 Next, we establish your goal(s) for coaching.  I will help you get very specific and focused on defining your goal, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment and forward movement in our coaching.  And it's OK if your goal gets reached and you want to add another - or expand on your goal and enrich it.  It's all good.

This is a one-on-one coaching engagement and includes the following:

- One 90 minute Discovery session.  During the Discovery session, we lay the groundwork for our coaching engagement.  This is our "get to know you" and goal-setting time for our work together.

- Either six (in the 3 month package) or twelve (in the 6 month package) 50 minute coaching sessions.  The sessions are held bi-weekly.

- The EQ-i 2.0 assessment of emotional intelligence.  You will be sent a link to take the assessment.  During our Discovery session, I will debrief your results and we will discuss your strengths and limitations, and how it all ties in with your goals for coaching.

- Unlimited email support.  Have a quick question?  Shoot me an email, and I will get back to you within the same day.

- Your choice of one free online self-study course.



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