Pathfinder's online, self-study courses are a quick and affordable way to get on the path to reaching your goals and achieving success.  The current selection of courses is outlined below.  Check back frequently for more courses.


Be Confident!

In this online, self-study course, you will:

  • Explore how experiences, surroundings and perceptions can drive your fears and make you feel less confident.
  • Identify the connection that exists between your doubts, fears and the thoughts you hold.
  • Recognize you can choose a perspective to increase your level of confidence.
  • Gain a new outlook on how to remain positive and confident.

Be Fearless!

In this online, self-study program, you will:

  • Recognize the importance of being aware of your current attitude toward risk-taking and how that attitude impacts your life.
  • Become more attentive to why you avoid taking risks in life and be able to identify the five main reasons why people steer clear of risk-taking.
  • Realize there are effective ways to support risk-taking and you will be able to identify the five powerful perspectives that can empower you to take more chances in your life.
  • See how personal perspectives around risk-taking can be expanded by exploring the rewards that can be gained from taking chances.

Take Charge Of Your Life With EQ!

In this online, self-study course, you will:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence.
  • Understand how emotions influence your thoughts and actions.
  • Increase your self-awareness and explore how tuning into yourself and becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions increases your ability to manage your emotions and relate to others.
  • Raise your awareness of the emotions of others.
  • Become better able to listen, support and empathize with others.

Stress Less!  Effective Ways To Manage Stress

  • In this online, self-study course you will:
  • Identify the two types of stressful situations.
  • Discover the four approaches to managing stress.
  • Learn effective techniques for managing stress.







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